My Theory of Creation plus the Meaning of Life  By David Croston.

My Theory of creation, my philosophy for the meaning of life, my shipping idea, my emergency train stop idea, my propulsion idea for a future craft, what could be killing bees, my scaled down universe, my link page and more.

Title was Art by Decart. I no longer take

orders for art.

Art will now be a hobby of mine.
I  keep the site going for my theory and other ideas, plus the link page.
Thanks to all who commissioned me. I am glad it brought happiness to the people I did portraits for across the world and that they where very satisfied.

My Link Page

Copyright for theories and ideas, but feel free to copy any of my pictures or text for your own use.

My Theory of Creation

My Theory of a possible

propulsion method for a

future craft or UFO .

My scaled down view of the


My Shipping idea

My Emergency train stop idea

My philosophy for

the meaning of life

This philosophy if proved right, would give an explanation for all paranormal events, even why we live and die.

It also gives another explanation of evolution.

Two scientific studies back it up.


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A theory that gives an explanation for the materials to create the

cosmos without the accepted Big Bang

A possible cause for the death of many bees.

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